Wiz Khalifa Addresses Notions of Decline: Reacts to Claims That He ‘Fell Off


Wiz Khalifa is an artist who has been around for a very long time at this point. Overall, he goes on sold-out tours and has gotten to perform with some legendary artists. However, there is this narrative that he has fallen off. He doesn’t have the same mainstream appeal he once had and fans have caught on to that. In his mind, he never did fall off. Instead, he believes people are just caught up in numbers and appearance. While on the Back On Figg podcast, he explained his thoughts.

“I think people are always gonna say that if you’re not right in their face, but if you look at what I do or the amount of shit that I put out or how constantly I’m working, you can’t say that,” Wiz said. “Even the old songs that I have, they’re still streaming, they’re still popular. The n****s who might have old songs, they can’t do those old songs right now.”

Wiz Khalifa Speaks

Subsequently, Wiz spoke on the phenomenon of big artists not being able to sell out their shows. Despite huge streaming numbers, Lil Baby has had a hard time getting an arena tour together. However, Wiz has been able to sell those out, even if he may not be dominating the charts. “They can’t sell tickets, they can’t go places across the world,” Wiz detailed. “So I’m still able to do those things and I’m still releasing newer music. So it’s not even possible to say that and be real about it. You can say it because that’s what you think, but if you add it up, it doesn’t make any sense.”

Wiz is still quite popular, and his fanbase shows out for him. For an artist to last a long time, you need those fans engaged, and Wiz has achieved that. Let us know what you think of his comments, down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news and updates from around the music world. We will always keep you informed.

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