Sxeyy Red Faces Backlash for Twerking During Pregnancy – Social Media Reacts


Sexyy Red’s recently announced pregnancy has fans feeling divided for a couple of different reasons. On one hand, the joy of parenthood is always something special to celebrate and to congratulate and support someone for. However, when you’re a widely successful rapper who loves to dance provocatively and rap raunchily for your performances- and you’re currently on tour- that context can warp public perception a lot. Moreover, she’s getting a lot of backlash or averse treatment for twerking onstage during her Hood Hottest Princess tour. Of course, during the tour stops themselves, fans cheer on the St. Louis MC with a lot of enthusiasm.

However, when it comes to online reception, many criticized Sexyy Red for her decision. “Imagine this being yo momma [crying face emoji],” one hater wrote under DJ Akademiks’ coverage of it. Others added “She should be ashamed of herself” and “That baby bouta come out sounding like doodlebob from all that shaking.” Still, others were quick to defend the 25-year-old. “Realistically tho, she is supposed to stop being an artist and stop making money just because she is pregnant?”

Sexyy Red Twerking While Pregnant At An NYC Show

Furthermore, she made it very clear that no pregnancy would stop her show trek, responding to a fan’s qualms about it on Twitter. “Girl I gotta see you on tour in a couple of days?????? Congratulations but what,” a fan responded to her pregnancy announcement. “We still gon make some noise wtf,” Sexyy Red responded. In addition, it’s important to consider that this is pretty much all that we know about the pregnancy, so this backlash is also a result of a lack of context or knowledge. The child’s father hasn’t been revealed, and no one is sure of how far along the “SkeeYee” MC is. Check out some more reactions to all this down below.

Fans React To The Mom’s Dance Moves

Meanwhile, these performance clips are already going viral, whether for her second child or because they’re twerking videos. Either way, this certainly caused a lot more debate and discussion than most pregnancies do. In the near future, we’ll see what else emerges around it and how she continues to carry herself as an artist and soon-to-be mother of two. For more news and the latest updates on Sexyy Red, stick around on HNHH.


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