Skales Responds to Wizkid’s “Rap is Dead” Comment


Nigerian singer-songwriter Skales has shared his perspective on Wizkid’s 2022 remark that “rap is dead.”

In an exclusive interview with Hip TV, Skales addressed Wizkid’s statement, saying, “Wizkid has his own opinion. My own logic is everything has its time and season, and there is going to be another recycle. If you are hot today, you might not be hot tomorrow.”

Skales essentially believes that musical genres, including rap, go through cycles of popularity and decline. What is currently trending may not maintain its status indefinitely.

He also emphasized the importance of adaptability in the music industry. As he noted, “if you are hot today, you might not be hot tomorrow.” Skales’ comments come at a time when the music landscape is continuously changing.

Ultimately, his remarks serve as a reminder that the music industry is ever-evolving, and what is popular today may not stay in the spotlight forever.

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