Jon Bon Jovi Reflects on Potential Retirement from Touring, Taylor Swift’s Trailblazing Career, and Almost Landing Val Kilmer’s Iconic Role


Jon Bon Jovi, often referred to as a snowbird for his retreats to warmer climates during winter, currently finds himself in Palm Beach, Florida, contemplating his career trajectory. In a recent episode of the “Just for Variety” podcast, the iconic New Jersey native opened up about various aspects of his life, from his vocal struggles to his almost-acting career and admiration for Taylor Swift.

At 62, Bon Jovi is introspective about his age, particularly as he grapples with vocal issues that have affected his band’s touring plans. Despite his Hulu docuseries, “Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story,” celebrating the band’s legacy, he faces uncertainties about returning to the stage for a full tour anytime soon. Vocal therapy sessions punctuate his days as he strives for excellence, admitting that achieving the level of performance he desires is a daily challenge.

Reflecting on his journey with Bon Jovi, which began in 1983, Bon Jovi acknowledges the highs and lows, including band members’ struggles with substance abuse. While he avoided the excesses of the rockstar lifestyle, he candidly admits to moments of temptation, citing the libertine atmosphere of past decades.

Beyond music, Bon Jovi delved into acting in the mid-’90s, although his Hollywood aspirations didn’t fully materialize. Recalling a missed opportunity to star in “Heat,” he admits his shortcomings during auditions but remains philosophical about the paths not taken. Despite offers for Bon Jovi-themed Broadway productions, he declines, recognizing the universality of his band’s story in the broader musical landscape.

Contrary to reality TV trends, Bon Jovi adamantly rejects the idea of a family-based show, expressing distaste for such programming while revealing his viewing preferences, which lean towards quality dramas and series. When it comes to music, he applauds both veteran acts like the Rolling Stones and emerging talents like Olivia Rodrigo, while reserving special praise for Taylor Swift, lauding her for revolutionizing the music industry with her authenticity and connection to her audience.

In a lighthearted moment, Bon Jovi reminisces about his brief foray into modeling for Versace, recalling a memorable encounter with Elton John over outtakes from the campaign.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding his music career, Bon Jovi remains a figure of resilience and introspection, continuing to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment with grace and candor.

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