Joeboy Highlights Domestic Violence Awareness with New Track ‘Better’


Nigerian singer Joeboy has revealed that his song “Better” aims to raise awareness about domestic violence.

During the show “24 Hours with Joeboy,” the artist discussed the profound message behind “Better,” emphasizing its focus on domestic violence against women.

“I wanted to shed light on domestic violence against women,” Joeboy explained. “Sometimes women are not treated properly, especially in African society.”

Released in 2023, “Better” offers more than just captivating Afropop rhythms; it addresses the serious issue many women face. In the lyrics, Joeboy poignantly questions, “Is he the reason for the scar on your face? If na so then me I fit to put a Fucking bullet in his head (o yeah).” For Joeboy, this was a direct message to women experiencing domestic violence.

Joeboy is known for his candid approach to relationships in his music. His songs frequently explore themes of love and relationships, and he has been open about his personal romantic experiences. This focus continues in his latest collaboration with Qing Madi titled “Adenuga,” where Joeboy reflects on love and his desire for personal growth.

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