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Descushiel Offers Apology to Nigerians and Police Regarding National Anthem Incident


Nigerian actress and singer, Mercy Isoyip, popularly known as Descushiel, has apologized to Nigerians and the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) after she recited the national anthem wrongly during the Conference for Senior Police Officers in Imo State.

Descushiel, who put on the police uniform during the conference, went viral on Monday after she missed the lyrics while reciting the national anthem at the event.

This led to criticisms from some Nigerians on social media as they trolled Descushiel, who was presumed to be a policewoman because of her outfit.

However, in a video on her Instagram account on Tuesday, Descushiel apologized for her mistakes.

“I sincerely apologise for the error I made during the recital of the National Anthem, I know such errors are inexcusable,” Descushiel said.

“My good people of our country, please accept my apology, as well as my assurance that I will be more careful in the to prevent such incidents from recurring.

“God bless the Nigeria Police Force. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

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