Amaarae Frustrated Over TGMA Performance Cancellation, Fans Disappointed


Ghanaian singer Amaarae recently took to Twitter to voice her frustration with the organizers of the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMAs). She shared that she had flown her entire team from Barcelona, Spain, specifically to perform at the event. This team included audio technicians, visual technicians, and tour management personnel.

Amaarae explained that her team faced significant challenges upon arrival. Despite submitting a technical rider with their requirements well in advance, the production manager reportedly failed to meet those needs. Additionally, rehearsals were delayed by three hours, and Amaarae’s team struggled to get in touch with the production manager.

Due to these issues, Amaarae made the difficult decision to withdraw from performing at the awards ceremony. She emphasized her long-standing desire to perform at the TGMAs and acknowledged the efforts of both her management and the awards’ CEO to secure her participation.

Expressing her love for Ghana and her desire to represent the country, Amaarae ultimately felt she couldn’t deliver the high-quality performance she had envisioned due to the production problems. She also mentioned the significant financial investment made to bring her team to Ghana, estimating the wasted expenses to be nearly $30,000. Despite this setback, Amaarae remains positive and appreciative of her team’s hard work.

Fans Disappointed by Amaarae’s Absence at the TGMAs

Fans of Ghanaian singer Amaarae were disappointed after she was unable to perform at the 25th Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMAs). Social media has been flooded with messages of support for Amaarae and frustration directed at the event’s organizers.

One fan commented, “Sister, you know nothing works right in this country…don’t waste your time, ma’am. You can perform at my place.” Others offered sympathy directly to Amaarae with messages like “Oh, sorry baby girl” and “Sorry about that.” A common sentiment among fans was exasperation with the award show itself, with one remarking, “I’m not surprised, Ghana production people for you.”

These reactions highlight just how much the Ghanaian audience was looking forward to Amaarae’s performance.

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